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Pre-Prep's Got Talent!

Pre-Prep's Got Talent!

The Pre-Prep Concert and Art & Design Exhibition 2024

Q: What do you get if you cross 32 children with 12 violins, 13 recorders, 12 ukuleles, 2 guitars, a chanter, a xylophone, a saxophone, a drum kit, a grand piano, an animation and a puppet show? 

A: The Pre-Prep Concert and Art & Design Exhibition 2024!  

Every member of Form 8, 7 and 6 rose to the occasion to sing, play and perform with real confidence and infectious joy whether en masse, in a solo, or small group. Congratulations to each of our 13 soloists who owned the stage during their performances.  


This year’s performance aimed to give all pupils a sense of occasion, accomplishment and pride. I am extremely serious about making music fun, not just for the sake of it, but because enjoyment aids engagement, focus and learning.  

Highlights included a rendition of J’Aime Les Fruits with squishy fruit props, and a specially composed song in honour of the Music Department’s much-loved ‘pet’ gecko. 

Form 6 sang their two songs with gusto and enjoyed sharing the songs’ messages about the value of friends old and new, and looking to the future as they look ahead to joining the Prep School in September.    

Miss Lloyd, Head of Pre-Prep Music

  The Art and Design Exhibition 

The second half of the concert on Friday was all about the wonderful creations of the Art and Design Department and a collaboration with the Drama Department.  We had the premier of the animation about Charles Rennie Mackintosh and a live performance of their puppet show, ‘Animals Have Talent’. 

Animation about Charles Rennie Mackintosh:
After designing chairs inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Form 6 then went on to make story boards about his life. The different stages were drawn and it looked a bit like a comic book. Their drawings were then cut out and an iPad was used on a stand to film down onto the table. The children took turns to control the camera and the others had to move the characters a tiny bit at a time. 1378 photos were taken (!) and they were put together in iMovie to create motion. The children then added in their voices to help tell the story. The Belhaven dogs were included too and played a very important role!  Watch the animation here:

Puppet Show – 'Animals Have Talent':
Mrs Haddon and Mrs McGrath, Head of Drama, put their talented heads together to create the most wonderful puppet show. Mrs Haddon decided on an animal theme and the children designed an animal puppet of their choice. These puppets then inspired Mrs McGrath to write a play about animals auditioning for a talent show.

The children learned three very important rules of puppetry – 1. Puppet breathing: the puppets must be kept moving at all times otherwise you have a dead puppet. 2. Puppet voice: choose a voice for your puppet and stick with it. 3. Puppet focus: keep looking at your puppet at all times and keep your puppet in front of you. The focus should be on the puppet, not on you.  

The puppet show was filled with brilliant acting and singing, and an all-round feeling of fun and humour


Mrs Haddon also put together a wonderful exhibition of the children’s art and design work that they have created over the year. Following the concert, the parents, children and staff came to admire the exhibition with a cup of tea and delicious cake. Well done everyone for all your incredible efforts! 


  Spoken English 

Last term we had the Pre-Prep Spoken English competition, which sadly Cleo was unwell for. After all her hard work it seemed a shame for her not to have the opportunity to tell everyone all about her topic ‘Having a birthday in July’. This took a huge amount of courage as she not only opened the concert, but she was also the only one to be giving a talk. Mr Purkiss very kindly came along to listen to Cleo and gave her, her well-deserved certificate. 

Mrs Johnstone, Head of Pre-Prep 

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