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Pre-Prep: Summer Term in Full Swing

Summer Term in Full Swing

Form 8

Form 8 have had another great fortnight. We have continued our work on our ‘Living Things’ topic, which has taken us on various trips to the beach to explore the rock pools and to develop the pupils’ responsible citizenship skills by doing a litter pick.  


Through STEM activities Form 8 have been cutting open different fruit and vegetable to explore what sort of seeds lie within, they were amazed that a butternut squash could have so many seeds when an avocado fruit only has one! The children have also been planting various plants such as lavender and daisies as well as bee friendly flower seeds to create Bee Cafes to encourage lots of insects to stop off in our playground. Finally, the pupils have also been considering what animals eat seeds and this led us to making bird feeders out of recycled bottle to hang in the trees by our classroom.  


We have some hairy caterpillar friends who have joined Form 8 this week, we have been watching their progress with great excitement as they get bigger and bigger each day! Stay tuned for a chrysalis update! 


In Literacy we have been developing our fine motor skills through games and handwriting activities. One of our goals this week has been to make sure our letters are sitting neatly on the line. 


Form 6

Form 6 have had a fantastic fortnight full of fun and hard work. There has been a big focus on the poetry competition as the children prepared poems to recite from memory, in front of the class. This takes a huge amount of courage, but all children managed to do it and performed brilliantly. Xander and Meme have been selected to go through to the finals, which is a super achievement. Good luck! 

In Music, the children are continuing to work towards their concert which takes place next Friday 20th May at 3.30pm. There will be a variety of musical instruments as well as some poetry and an art exhibition. 

In Art, the children have been glazing their clay fish and other sea creatures. They have also been painting and drawing plants and flowers in the art room to make jungles after looking at the work of Rousseau. Next, they will look at exotic animals to put onto the jungles. 


In DT, the children have started making their miniature gardens, arranging gravel and soil in tin trays, ready for planting with mustard and cress seeds. They have used twigs for trees and have made fences and seats from match sticks and lolly sticks and tiny houses from small flowerpots. 

In Topic, the children have worked in groups to produce posters about a particular habitat. This was a great opportunity for the children to demonstrate their teamwork skills as well as researching and typing up information. They produced some very creative posters, full of facts and information. Their challenge now is to present what they have learned to the class. Next week we will be heading down to the beach to look at beach habitats and rockpools. 



The creativity did not stop there with some beautiful descriptive writing about spring. They used a photograph of a spring scene to come up with some descriptive phrases, which they then linked together into a short piece of writing. 


In Drama the children have been working on developing performance confidence when delivering poems – taking care to articulate words, breathing at the end of lines, taking pauses and remembering to add some actions. 

A few of the children took part in a mixed cricket match away at Fettes. They loved the experience and for many it was their first ever cricket match. 

Baking has continued to be as mouth-watering as ever, with delicious mozzarella, tomato and parmesan twists and custard creams. 


The stars of the week for the past two weeks are Robin and Clara. They have both made a huge amount of progress and have grown in confidence this term. Well done!