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A Guide to Sport and Match Days

A Guide to Sport and Match Days

Travelling To and From Matches

It is the school policy that all children travel both to and from all sporting fixtures with the school. We believe that fixtures are about far more than just the match itself and the camaraderie and team spirit developed during a journey can be quite important.

Only in exceptional cases, may a child return directly home with their parents and only if prior permission is obtained from the headmaster. In these instances, we would expect the child's match kit to be laundered and returned to school the next day.

This will also apply to fixtures at Hallhill. On the rare occasion that there is not transport for the children, they will be expected to walk (or jog) with their team and coach back to school.

Children Off Games

Children may only be put off games by the school nurse or by a doctor. Those children off games will spend games times getting some fresh air if the school nurse deems it appropriate and then either reading, revising, catching up work or playing board games in the library. Occasionally those off games may be given the option of doing community service and helping out around the school while being supervised by a member of staff. In most instances, any child who is off games immediately prior to a match will be ineligible for team selection.


Wednesdays are match days and, as such, lessons end at lunch time. Most teams will have matches on any given Wednesday but if a child does not have a match, they will either have a training session with their coach or take part in an alternative activity with another member of staff. There are also activities on offer later in the day, after matches.

Children who are ill or unable to take part in games will take part in activities.

As on any other day, there will be evening prayers at 5.50 pm for all. Day pupils are collected at 6pm.

Team Lists & Changes to Matches

Team lists will be posted on the website 24 hours prior to a fixture. They can be found under the Community/Current Parents/Team Lists menu tab. If in doubt, please contact the school secretary, who will have all team sheets to hand.

Cancellations or changes to match details are also posted on the website and social media as soon as we are aware of them.


If you have any questions regarding sport at Belhaven Hill or concerns about your child's sport, your first port of call should normally be your child's coach but you are also welcome to contact the Head of Sport, William Townshend