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Boys' Hockey: U11a v Cargilfield

Boys' Hockey: U11a v Cargilfield

U11a Boys' Hockey v Cargilfield

Already three players down through illness, the odds for the match didn’t seem to be in our favour. When we were halfway down the road and James pointed out that the passenger door of the school car had been left open (thanks Henry), I couldn’t decide whether to take that as a positive omen or not. During the warm-up, we had a repeat of gumshield gate but this time it was Mr Wilson who saved the day and went to retrieve it. Take from that what you will ...

We had no subs and knew the game was going to be tough, but the boys had their target for the game. The first half gave us a few opportunities, a great cross from James was just missed by Hugo and there was a determined attempt by Pedro. Unfortunately, Cargilfield were beating us to the ball and driving through our one-handed tackles. Henry was off his line and closing down almost every attacker who came at goal. Time after time he made saves, clearing the ball out to midfield, even making a save with his helmet!

The second half was better, the boys spread out, and Johnny and Saul made use of the quick ball at 16s far better. This provided us with more opportunities in the D and eventually won us a short corner. Hugo and Beetle were both in new roles but played them fantastically. There was no goal, but it wasn’t long before Pedro got a shot which pinged off the post; everyone seemed so impressed that they just stood and watched the opposition gather the rebound and make their way up the pitch! The continued efforts from the boys won us another short corner; this time Hugo had more confidence and his push-out had greater pace. James lined up a great strike and in it went! Our target was achieved.

Cargilfield made a dominant show of their skills and, despite Henry’s tireless efforts, they scored goals. We were out to score against a very strong team, and we did. Well done boys.