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Boys' Hockey: U9 v Loretto

Boys' Hockey: U9 v Loretto

U9 Hockey vs Loretto (Away)

The rain, fierce and relentless, battered the Belhaven boys (and their coach) as they entered the grounds of Loretto Junior School. After a brief rest in the warmth of the foyer, the boys ran out into the elements, ready to play a well-drilled Loretto side.

The boys organised themselves quickly, and started to find space and pass accurately. However, Loretto were fresh and not quite so drenched, and exhibited great skill in midfield and while on the attack. They scored early on.

But the Belhaven boys soon became as tenacious and unstoppable as the wind and rain.  Archie pounced on a number of loose balls, and completed some outstanding tackles, which unleashed Eck up front. After pressing and pressuring their defence, Eck scored a fabulous goal.

Loretto then tested us on the wings as they made full use of the pitch. Tackling was ferocious, and Oliver and William were successful in winning the ball back again and again. A loose pass from the goal handed the ball to Loretto, however, and they scored.

Wilfred and Sam now came to the fore, as they tackled, passed, and dribbled expertly. The Belhaven boys worked as a unit, creating holes in the Loretto defence. Wilfred capitalised on this, and squeezed the ball passed their last man. We were drawing.

The boys were buzzing with confidence at half time – conversation was full of new, tactical ideas. They knew that we could win. The howling wind and the persistent, painful rain were forgotten.

And so the new half began with pace, energy and determination. Every boy played their part. William, Sam and Archie were mighty in midfield, while Wilfred moved all over the pitch, displaying masterful skill throughout and helped his teammates in every area of the pitch. Oliver was as solid as a rock in defence, and Eck was like a determined hunter up front, constantly seeking another goal. After some scrappy tackling, Eck seized the opportunity late in the second half, and scored a third for Belhaven.

For the last few minutes, Belhaven threw every man behind the ball and defended for their lives. Even though they were cold and looked like they had taken a fully-clothed dip in the nearby river, the boys were elated when the referee blew the final whistle. A tremendous victory over challenging opponents. Well done, boys!

Final score:   Loretto 2 – 3 Belhaven