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Boys' hockey: U13b v Loretto

Boys' hockey: U13b v Loretto

U13b Boys' Hockey

Belhaven Beaten by the Cold and Loretto

Belhaven U13b’s latest match was a disappointment.  In cold conditions we took the lead in the first half against Loretto and held this until the break.  I felt that we had had the best of the play and deserved our lead but within a couple of minutes of the second half we had thrown away all of that good work done as we shipped two soft goals through indecision and lack of conviction in the goalmouth.  A soft shot ricocheted in off our goalie and a weak kick out led to the winner for Loretto.

Worse, however, was the way Belhaven coped with the cold temperatures.  In the second half we just did not want to be out there.  Standing around like statues only a couple of players did themselves any justice as all.  There was no movement as the cold weather froze hands and legs and as such those players who were trying were forced out of position to come to find the ball and all shape went out of our game.  The gap between the defence and forwards was far too large and we ended up penning ourselves into our own third.  Loretto on the other hand, kept moving, kept warm and deserved the win.

Man of the Match: Alexander M

  Belhaven Hill U13b 1 - 2 Loretto U13b