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Cross Country: Patrol Relay 2020

Cross Country: Patrol Relay 2020

2020 Patrol Relay Report

There have been some stonking patrol running relays over the years at Belhaven but this one must surely go down as one of the very best.  There were three races running simultaneously fought over by the three patrols – A, B and C-teams.  Every patrol A-team beat every B-team and every B-team beat every C-team so at least the patrol leaders made their choices well for who to choose in each team.

The Wolves won the A-team race in a time of just over 33 minutes, slower than last year but understandable given the high winds and wet going underfoot along the stretch out to the coast.  The Owls won the B-race and the Lions won the C-race so a nice spread across all three races was had.  (The Woodies finished fourth in each category so no need to mention where they came overall.)

Where each patrol finished matter hugely however as important patrol points were on offer and this year the overall standings were incredibly close.  The Lions ended up winning on 34 points from the Wolves on 32 and the Owls on 27, the Woodies bringing up the rear with 10.  The races were so close that over the three 5.03-mile races only seven seconds separated the Lions B in second from the Wolves B in third; had these places been reversed, the Wolves would have won the whole competition by four points.  As it was, the Lions nicked it by two.  Tense stuff.

Here are some good pictures and videos from a great event: