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Girls' Hockey: 2nds v Cargilfield


Belhaven 4 - 3 Cargilfield

Today the 2s faced Cargilfield at Hallhill. They only had 6 players so we played the same number and as a result had 3 subs. We knew it would be a tiring game but it was a good chance for us to work on our structure, spreading out more and using the wings.

Cargilfield won the toss and took the first centre. They game was fairly even but we missed many chances at goal. The defence were super at getting the ball up the pitch but it quite often went over the back line at the other end. In the 6th minute of the game Lucy scored a cracking goal. We continued to have more opportunities at goal but we were being a bit gentle with the ball. In the 15th minute Cargilfield came back with a goal to equalise.

At half time, we made a couple of changes. We talked about needing more aggression and making sure the forwards are in the right place to receive the ball.

We went back on the pitch refreshed, and very quickly, Romilly scored a cracking goal. We were playing better and using the width of the pitch more. However, we did manage to give away a few short corners from our feet in the ‘D’. They were very good at these; they had a powerful hit and we weren’t quite quick enough to get out and tackle their striker. They managed to score 2 goals from short corners. We however, continued to work hard and our shots at goal became far more exciting. Bella did some brilliant dribbling down the wing to the ‘D’ and perfectly set up a goal for India. Bella continued this brilliant play and scored a goal in the 16th minute, making the score 4-3. Cargilfield fought back making the last couple of minutes very tense. Particularly when one of our defence passed the ball across our ‘D’ (tut tut) and it was intercepted by a Cargilfield forward who then had a strike at goal. Fortunately, Calypso was ready and made a brilliant save!

Another great result, girls. Well done!