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Girls' Hockey: 2nds v St. Mary's

Girls' Hockey: 2nds v St. Mary's

Belhaven 1 - 3 St. Mary’s

We arrived at St Mary’s in the sunshine and only had about 5 minutes to spare before the match started. St Mary’s won the toss and chose to have first push back. We started well with good structure and accurate passes. As we thought, St Mary’s were strong and they spent a lot of time in our defensive ‘D’. We occasionally got the ball up to the forwards but we needed a bit more power behind the ball to get a goal. They continued to put pressure on our defence and as a result, a Belhaven foot in the ‘D’ meant that St Mary’s were awarded a short corner. They took a powerful shot at goal and scored in the twelfth minute. We came back from this stronger and brought the ball up the pitch to the forwards. Romilly brought the ball into the D and Bea finished it off and put the ball over the line. There were now only a few minutes until half time.

At half time, we discussed the need to spread out more, and for the defence to clear the ball more quickly out of the ‘D’. However, we seemed to start in a bit of a panic and we were not thinking carefully about our passes. Only in the fourth minute, St Mary’s scored their second goal. The girls continued to panic and only two minutes later, they scored their third. We started to calm down and concentrate more. Our play improved and we began to put the pressure on their defence. In the eleventh minute Romilly scored a goal, which, unfortunately was disallowed as it, hit her foot first. We had a number of chances but we just couldn’t get past their defence. We need to release the ball more quickly and accurately to prevent us from being tackled.

An unfortunate result but there were some promising moments. Well done girls!