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Girls' Netball: 1st v Craigclowan

Girls' Netball: 1st v Craigclowan

1st Netball v Craigclowan

Belhaven  29 – 7  Craigclowan

With their first match of the season being cancelled due to the awful weather at the weekend, it had improved slightly today to allow the girls to play their new first match of the season.  Having worked on passing and positioning on Monday, it was great to see the team begin to use this in their game today.

Daisy captained the team and although they lost the toss, they had their choice of shooting ends – away from the sun!  From the first whistle, it took a little while for the team to settle but once they did there was some great play.  The three centre court players, Cleodie, Lucy and Annie created space in the centre third to receive passes.  The ball was soon with Molly in the circle and the first goal of the season was scored.  Molly and Daisy worked well in the circle and once they realised the need to create space, shooting was on a roll.  By the end of the first quarter Belhaven were leading 8-1.

A few changes for the next quarter saw Bea, Lucy and Emily dominate the centre of the court.  Craigclowan were quick to respond at the start of this quarter with some early goals but Amaryllis and Ophelia managed to intercept many balls that were fed to the circle to prevent too many attempts at goal.  Once again, up at the attacking end of the court, Molly and Daisy were making good use of the space to receive the feeds into the circle from Emily and Bea.  By half time the scores were Belhaven 15-Craigclowan 4.

For the third quarter, the team went back to their starting positions.  The girls began to create better space on the court and use the variety of passes and positioning we tried on Monday -well done! Panda worked hard in defence and made some great interceptions, passing the ball out to Amaryllis, whilst the centre court players held their spaces on the court well.  The girls attacked the ball and it was soon in the reliable hands of our two shooters.  By the end of the third quarter Belhaven were still in the lead 22-6.

The final quarter saw another change around to allow all the girls to have some match play.  The Belhaven girls has a goal in sight and as long as they didn’t get more than 9 goals this quarter we were safe! (The score board only goes up to 31!) The team continued to fight for possession whilst Craigclowan had some final shots at goal.

What a super first match of the season.  You have started to use the drills we have worked on as well as begin to take on board some of the playing tips we have spoken about.  There are still some basic things to work on but this is a great way to start off the season – well done girls!

Goal stats:

Molly GS - 17
Daisy GA - 12