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Girls' Netball: 1st v Kilgraston

1st Netball v Kilgraston

Belhaven 32 – 6 Kilgraston

The senior netball team welcomed Kilgraston this afternoon for their second match of the season.  Having looked at positioning and some set defending pieces, the girls were ready to go.  Daisy won the toss and also ended up with choice of shooting end.  After a fast start and some early goals, the team began to settle down and slow the pace.  Great movement off the ball between Lucy and Annie and good spacing in the circle allowed Daisy and Molly to position well for shooting.  Panda made some great interceptions in the defending circle and at one point both Amaryllis and Cleodie made it very difficult for Kilgraston to get free. Belhaven 10 – Kilgraston 3

A switch of some central positions allowed Bea to move to centre and link up with Emily as WA.  After ensuring centre passes were taken correctly, the girls continued to keep the pace slow and make use of the court.  Emily linked up well with the shooters to provide plenty of back up when attacking the circle.  Grace switched with Panda to GK and worked well with Amaryllis to keep the ball out of the circle.  Belhaven 17 – Kilgraston 4

Back to the original starting team and with the one instruction to slow the game down, the girls thought carefully about their positioning and passing.  They made great use of the width of the court and positioned well for their team to have a choice of passes.  The slower pace allowed the shooters to work their passes well in the circle and allow them time to take up position before shooting.  Belhaven 24 – Kilgraston 5

A change of positions again saw Grace and Amaryllis with more action and some great defending in the circle.  The three central court players linked up well and Emily and Bea were able to create a lot of space in the attacking third to feed the ball into the circle.  Belhaven 32 – Kilgraston 6

Another great afternoon of netball from the team, thinking about passes and slowing down the game helps greatly.  Using the width of the court and watching your defending allowed you to keep possession of the ball throughout the match.  When you lost possession, you were quick to gain it back to make up for your mistakes!  I think I need to make some more numbers for the scoreboard!

Goal stats:

Molly 18
Daisy 14