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Girls' Netball: 1st v St. Mary's Hall

Girls' Netball: 1st v St. Mary's Hall

1st Netball v St. Mary’s Hall

  Belhaven 18 –  12 St. Mary’s Hall  

With Storm Ciara on the horizon, the Belhaven team looked forward to welcoming a touring team this afternoon from St Mary’s Hall, Stonyhurst.  Having lost the toss, Daisy chose their favourite shooting end and the game began.  From the first whistle, both teams contested the ball and play switched evenly between goals.  Some good phases of play in the centre of the court allowed Annie to help create space in the attacking third for Molly and Daisy in the circle.  With both teams scoring from the opposition’s centre it was tight at times.  Panda and Amaryllis made some great interceptions in defence to keep the ball out of the defending circle.  By the end of the first quarter, Belhaven were just one goal ahead 5 – 4.

For the second quarter, Annie switched to GK whilst Bea helped Amaryllis out on the defensive third as WD.  Play was again even throughout the quarter and Annie worked brilliantly in the circle defending the goal and collecting the rebound.  Emily created space with some great positioning in the centre of the court and between Bea, Lucy and Amaryllis they linked up well working the ball of each other.  Another close quarter saw Belhaven retain the lead by one goal 8 – 7.

The aim for the second half of the game was to control the game by slowing the pace.  At the rate the team were playing they would not survive the full match!  Cleodie switched back into WD and literally leapt into action on the court.  Good communication was the key in this quarter and using the edge of the circle helped the girls to reposition ready for a shot.  Belhaven began to gain the upper hand in this quarter with some tidy and well timed passes between the team.  By the end of the third quarter Belhaven were leading 14 – 9.

In the last quarter of a game anything can happen when the scores are close.  The girls had to set their minds straight and focus on their game play – controlled passes, movement into a space and communication.  Panda stepped back into defend the goal and whilst St. Mary’s made a good comeback, as we knew they would, Amaryllis and Bea were there to intercept the ball.  Once again, controlled passes and good positioning in the attacking third and not forcing the ball into the circle the girls were able to keep control of the match.

Well played today girls – the opposition were a tough team and you had to work hard to ensure you were not forced into making errors

Well done to Amaryllis who was voted ‘Player of the match’ by St. Mary’s Hall.

Goal stats:
Molly 11
Daisy 7