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Girls' Netball: 1st v St. Mary's

Girls' Netball: 1st v St. Mary's

1st Netball v St Mary’s

 Belhaven 13 - 8  St. Mary’s 

This afternoon’s match was played in rather cold, wet and wintry conditions.  St Mary’s won the toss and therefore opted to take the first centre pass.  Play was even for the first few minutes as the girls settled into the game and there were some good phases of play between Cleodie, Lucy and Annie.  Daisy and Molly struggled at times to get free from their taller opposition and it took several attempts from both teams before Molly scored the first goal of the match.  St Mary’s quickly equalised with a swift centre pass and Amaryllis and Panda worked hard in defence to snatch the rebounds from goal.  This was looking to be anyone’s match by the end of the first quarter: Belhaven 2 – St. Mary’s 2.

Annie switched to GK for the next quarter and played superbly along side Amaryllis, whilst Lucy switched to WD to provide some height to the defence.  Emily and Bea worked hard to move the ball towards our circle and play still remained even.  For every goal scored by one team, the other soon equalised.  By half time the score was still tied 5 - 5.

Lucy switched back to centre for the third quarter whilst Cleodie showed how well she could intercept the ball with a swift jump!  Play began to get a little scrappy, partly due to cold hands and a rather slippery ball but also as both teams were eager to break the centre passes.  Belhaven just managed to edge ahead this quarter by one goal.  Belhaven 9 – St Mary’s 8.

With everything still to play for both teams, I reminded the girls that if they wanted to win the game, they needed to tidy up their play.  They were being forced to make simple errors due to the speed of the play, and therefore needed to slow the pace of their play.  Some well executed passes, good positioning and fine shooting soon put Belhaven another goal ahead.  The girls needed to sustain this for the final few minutes whilst Panda and Amaryllis needed to ensure their defence was solid.  Belhaven managed to stay ahead as St Mary’s struggled to score.

This was not one of the best performances of netball by the team, as they were forced to play at a super fast pace and therefore made many forced errors in their play.  Getting the right distance is something we need to continue to work on as well as the timings of receiving the pass.  Lucy was nominated player of the match. 

Well done girls!

Goal Stats:
Molly 9
Daisy 4