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Girls' Netball: 3rd v St. Mary's

Girls' Netball: 3rd v St. Mary's

Netball 3rds v St. Mary's

  Belhaven  14 - 5  St. Mary’s  

The 3rd team headed out for their second fixture of the season this week and what a performance it was. Polly and Paloma teamed up in attack and powered into an early lead, everything aimed at the net going in! Bea as Centre and Natasha as Wing Attack and Captain for the day were doing a sterling job getting the ball into the ‘D’ and their energy and tenacity had the first third ending an impressive 8 goals to 2.

Given the girls were playing with such high energy fresh legs were brought on for the second third in the form of Petra and Louisa and the girls were more than able additions, Petra adding to the scoring and Louisa speeding around the court.

Back in defence Faith and Bella were almost impossible to get through and were teaming up beautifully to keep the St Mary’s score low and the ball moving back up the court to the attackers. A tighter third left the score at 10 - 3.

Well rested, Caroline returned to Wing Defence and Louisa was switched up to Wing Attack to keep things moving. The St Mary’s girls were giving it their all but some excellent interceptions from Caroline and Bea in the middle, continued pressing up top and that solid defensive pairing meant Belhaven only widened the score, eventually running out 14 - 5, and very worthy winners.

Great play girls!