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Girls' Netball: U9 v St. Mary's

Girls' Netball: U9 v St. Mary's

First Netball Match for U9 Girls.

The U9 had their first netball match this season. It was a pretty tough start as it was really cold and very wet at St Mary’s, but it did not deter our U9 girls who worked hard all the way through the match!

Sophie and Louisa were a great attacking team, with Sophie as centre and Louisa as goal attack. Wendy had a hard time, as the goalkeepers were quite tall and good at marking, but she made some super shots. For her first netball match ever, Isabella made a great start. She was good at marking the wing defence, especially in the 2nd half.

Iona made some fantastic passes. Amelia did well too, making strong quick passes to her teammates. Liv was very good at being goalkeeper, marking the goal shoot well and intercepting the ball.

Well done for such fantastic team work on your first match.

  Belhaven Hill  2 - 2  St. Mary's