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Girls' Netball Yorkshire Tour

Girls' Netball Yorkshire Tour

1st Netball Trip to Yorkshire

 Belhaven 6 – 14 Scarborough College 

 Belhaven 11 – 6 Cundall Manor 

This year, the  1st netball squad travelled south of the border for a triangular match with Cundall Manor and Scarborough College.  Given the distance, we welcomed the overnight stay at Ampleforth where the boys were looking forward to a hockey fixture.

After a warm welcome from the Ampleforth staff, the girls headed to the Sports’ Centre for a netball training session.  The girls were quick to respond to a new drill, testing both their attacking and defending skills, enjoying the variations the drill provided.

Cake and juice followed this along with a chance to unpack and have a quick run about to let off steam.  We all enjoyed a tasty tea and then the girls had a chance to look around St Bede’s boarding house and the opportunity to talk with some of the girls about life in a senior school.  Movie night with ‘popcorn and pringles’ followed before a much needed sleep.

Saturday morning saw the girls wide awake and ready to go – check their morning dance session on Twitter!



A hearty breakfast including bacon, pancakes and syrup and the girls headed in the direction of Cundall Manor. 

The girls were then ready and warmed up to play the first of their two matches.  From the first whistle, it was evident that this would be a tough match against Scarborough College.  They were a fast and well drilled team, feisty at times and were quick to take the lead.  As we settled into the game, there were some good phases of play between the Belhaven girls.  Annie, Emily and Lucy made good use of the centre whilst Amaryllis and Panda really had their work cut out in defence, both making some fantastic interceptions.  Molly and Daisy had to work hard in the circle to create space away from the Scarborough defenders.  A close first third saw Scarborough take the lead 4 - 2.

During the second third, Scarborough started to edge away and forced us to make basic errors in passing and footwork as we played a fast paced game.  Amelie stepped into defence and did well to intercept the balls to feed back out of the circle. Once again the attack tried hard to get free from their defenders and were able to feed the ball into the circle and it took some well timed passes from the shooters to be in a good position for scoring.  Belhaven 4 - Scarborough 10

For the final third, the girls were instructed to slow the game and to try and limit the number of passes into the opposition circle.  Romilly swapped in to play Goal Shooter alongside Daisy and both tried hard to get free from their markers in the circle.  The defenders were able to limit the amount of passes that came into their circle with some great interceptions.  By the end of the match, Scarborough had kept the lead but the Belhaven girls had played their socks off and Daisy was given ‘player of the match’ by the opposition.  Final score Belhaven 6 - Scarborough College 14.

We were then straight into our next match against the host school, Cundall Manor.  This was a far more evenly matched game.  Play switched from end to end and again, great positioning in the circle allowed Molly to get free and shoot the first goal.  The girls slowed the pace of the game and began to use the width of the court more in this match.  Emily managed to free herself from her marker on several occasions, feeding the ball forwards each time to Annie and Lucy.  Molly and Daisy had a super third going ahead 5 - 1.

With an aim to keep the pace slow and control the game, Amelie switched in again to play in defence whilst Romilly played out of position as WA to give Annie a break.  Amaryllis and Amelie read the game well in defence and made some super interceptions to bring the ball back down the court.  Cundall Manor’s defence made it more difficult this quarter for the Belhaven attack to get free in the circle and they had to play around the edge, taking long distance shots at each opportunity.
Belhaven 6 -Cundall Manor 3

With the scores closing in, the girls stepped up the pace for the final third.  Lucy stepped back to WD and with Annie as C, linked up well with Emily and the shooters in some good phases of play.  Panda and Amaryllis had a determined spark to their play and did well to limit the amount of times Cundall Manor could shoot.  A further 5 goals from our two fabulous shooters saw Belhaven win the match and Molly be nominated as ‘player of the match’ by the opposition.
Belhaven 11 - Cundall Manor 3.

This was a really exciting morning of netball and it is always lovely coming down to play teams outside our normal circuit.   Having played against several English teams in the past, it is a great experience for the girls as it really pushes them in their game play and they learn so much from the experience.  They have seen why it’s important that a two foot landing helps during play and we need to work on timings our moves to receive passes.  Asking the subs to help nominate a player from the opposition helps them focus on the game and well done to all the girls today, especially Daisy and Molly.

Goal stats:

 Molly - 8 
 Daisy - 9 

You have been a pleasure to take away and I hope we can put some of the game play experiences into good use in our next matches.

Thank you to Cundall Manor for organising the fixtures for us and also to Ampleforth for their excellent hospitality.