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Girls Rounders 1st v Cargilfield

Girls' Rounders: 1st v Cargilfield

691 Days to wait for a Rounders Match!

Belhaven 8 – Cargilfield 18½

The girls have had to wait 691 days to play their first rounders match since they were U11 and the sun shone beautifully for it. 

We welcomed the visiting team and having undergone all the various sanitising routines, we ready to play.  Belhaven lost the toss and were put into bat first.  This is never easy as it takes time to get into the game.  Petronille and Georgie, made a fine start staying safe and scoring half rounders.  Despite managing to hit the ball, the team played the game safely, stopping at first post.  Robyn and Bea hit the ball right along the line to 1st deep and secured half rounders whilst Bella and Georgie’s great hits saw them run the complete pitch.  After 30 good balls, we had managed just 4 rounders.

As we switched to fielding, it was clear that Cargilfield had some good batters!  A few mistakes fielding gave away half rounders, but the team a managed to stop some full rounders with great fielding from Petronille and Georgie at 3rd post.  We became more secure as the innings progressed but Cargilfield had already accumulated enough rounders to overtake out score.

It took us a while to get our eye in for the ball again during the second innings and had to wait until ball 13 to starting adding to the score.  A few more sneaky left handlers and some great running from Louisa also boosted the scores.  Unfortunately we only scored a further 6 rounders which meant that Cargilfield had a reachable target to beat.

Our second fielding innings began a little better.  Swift work between Georgie and Hester saw their second batter out at first post. Again, Bea was on the post ready to stump out their next batter.  The fielding improved but we managed to give away some important half rounders, which soon add up.  Greta fielding again from Caroline saw another batter out at third, whilst Eliza and Louisa did well to field the ball back to the posts.

It was great to see rounders back in action and there are certainly a few things to work on for Wednesday.

3 wishes and a star this week:

1st wish – run forward to meet a ball rather than wait for it to roll and reach you

2nd wish – ‘stop and drop’ rather than let the ball run between your legs

3rd wish – remember to stump fourth post!

A star – great communication between all of you when fielding – you knew exactly where to field the ball too.