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Girls Rounders 2nd v Cargilfield

Girls' Rounders: 2nd v Cargilfield

2nds' 1st Rounders match in 2 Years

1st inning: 2 - 15 

The 2nds had their first match of the season today, which was also their first rounders match in almost 2 years! Poppy was captain. Cargilfield won the toss and chose to field first. Our girls started slowly, probably being overly cautious in the first inning, scoring only 2 rounders, through Emilia, Flora, Davina and Poppy. The Cargilfield girls came out quite the opposite, batting quite daringly to amass a first inning total of 15 rounders! There was, however, some good fielding particularly from Poppy, Freya and Faith who caught out three of the batters. Mary, Flora and Poppy showed great teamwork throughout.

2nd inning: 5½ - 9 

The girls were much more daring when they came out to bat in the second inning, which meant that a few of them were caught out but they all tried their absolute best. Well done especially to Freya who scored 4 rounders and Mary who scored one. In the second inning, the girls were so much better at fielding, made more accurate throws and more importantly they made the right decisions as to which post the ball should go to. Great fielding from Alice and Flora who stumped a batter out on the 2nd ball, then Mary stumped out 2 girls at first post on the 5th ball and 12th ball. Poppy, who was doing a great job at bowling, also caught out one of their batters. Faith made a brilliant catch and caught a batter out when she was on fourth post.  There were some very good throws from Ishbel, Davina, Emilia and Bee who were all deep fielders. Everyone was so much more alert and thought much more tactically, which made a massive difference.

This was your first rounders match in almost 2 years girls, well done!  Next match tomorrow!