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Girls Rounders U11 v Cargilfield

Girls' Rounders: U11 v Cargilfield

Today the U11 girls enjoyed their first match in over a year, and for some who missed last season, it was their first match ever!

There is no doubt that we have all missed having matches but one thing we haven’t missed as much is, ‘are we nearly there yet?’, after 10 minutes of a 2 hour bus journey! However, we arrived at Ardvreck in beautiful sunshine and with 13 very excited girls.

We lost the toss and Ardvreck decided to field first. Our first batting innings was a great success with 7½ rounders scored. All the girls were very alert and focused and played safely to avoid being stumped out at second post. There were plenty of great hits and half rounders scored, and Willow and Amy scored a whole rounder each. Well done!

It was then our turn to field. Even though we had a bit of a sleepy start, all the work the girls have been doing on their throwing and catching was now paying off. The girls were throwing accurately and getting the ball to second post quickly to stop the half rounders. Ardvreck only managed to score 1½ rounders. Louisa was brilliant as bowler and had very few ‘no balls’.


In the second innings we were feeling a little complacent and quite quickly several girls were stumped out. Ardvreck’s fielding was much better and the girls became a little worried. We scored 4 rounders in the end, bringing our total to 11½.

We didn’t manage to stop as many half rounders in the second innings of fielding but overall the girls were focused and there were some amazing catches. Alice caught out 2 girls from the back stop position, Louisa caught a girl out and Ottie did a brilliant run to catch the ball in the ‘outfield’ position.

The final score was 11½ to Belhaven and 4½ to Ardvreck. It was then time for some long awaited match tea and a good chat with the opposition!

Well done, girls. A brilliant start!