Belhaven Hill School

Co-ed Boarding & Day School for ages 5-13



Hockey has long been a sport at which Belhaven has excelled.

It is played throughout the Autumn Term by girls and in the Spring Term by boys.

The school has a medium sized Astro pitch which is used extensively for training and by the children in their free time; it is also suitable for 6-a-side matches. We have daily access to the local Dunbar Astro pitch, and it is there that the majority of home matches are played.

All age groups enjoy regular matches in the season and we endeavour to include as many of the pupils in matches as possible. Matches are normally played on Wednesdays and on any given Wednesday during the hockey season, almost half the school's children may be representing Belhaven Hill on the hockey field.

Hockey is a fast and skilful sport at which everyone can shine without the need for size or strength. The children's skills are further developed through learning unihoc during P.E. and through a hockey activity during the off-season.