Belhaven Hill School

Co-ed Boarding & Day School for ages 5-13



For generations Tennis has been a popular sport at Belhaven Hill and it continues to be so.

The school benefits from four all weather courts and two lovely grass courts all of which are constantly in use by the children during the Summer Term.

Each Wednesday during the summer, Peter Derbyshire, a fully qualified professional Tennis coach, spends the afternoon and early evening coaching the boys and girls. Peter also conducts additional lessons for the keenest players during the off season. You can see how they progress through the high quality tennis played in school matches and tournaments.

Besides the coaching and fixtures with other schools, the vast majority of children take part in internal school competitions and the end of school year culminates in a Family Tennis Tournament for which the Leavers pair up with their Mums and Dads for a competitive but friendly day of tennis.