Belhaven Hill School

Co-ed Boarding & Day School for ages 5-13

Parent Testimonials

What People Say – Parent Testimonials

"Belhaven is one of those extraordinary places which, when you drive up the school drive, you feel transported back to the carefreeness of childhood and the adventures of learning". (Parent)

"I most like Belhaven for its warmth and camaraderie and its desire for the children to excel without the children being too aware nor feeling pressured. I commend the headmaster and his wife for their approach to making the children and parents feel "at home" and embraced in the schooling environment". (Parent)

"It's a fabulous school that not only gives a great all-round education, but also provides a nurturing environment, whilst encouraging and expecting children to do their best". (Parent)

"It all starts with the Head Master and Olly Langton is the finest I have come across." (Parent)

"Belhaven's staff have made our daughter Louise, who arrived from France for the summer term, feel immediately at home. They have been both benevolent and demanding. Despite the culture/language gap, she quickly found her marks and has made great progress." (Pierre – Form 2 Parent)

"Outdoors whatever the weather. Free range children who have a natural love of the outdoors and mutual respect for each other." (Parent)

"Belhaven Hill manages to tread the very narrow tightrope of upholding traditional values while delivering a progressive education. The school is quite frankly magical."  (Parent)

"The thing I like most about Belhaven is that, as a school, they're able to get to know the children well enough to get the very best out of each individual. To help each child find 'their thing', whether that's maths, singing or surfing!"  (Parent)

"We love how the children celebrate each other’s successes. What a happy place Belhaven is! The children come home buzzing about their day and have made huge progress in their learning". (Dewar Family)

"Watching all age groups, boys and girls coming up to one another and cheering each other on at Sports Day shows remarkable camaraderie and a unique bond that one seldom sees". (Parent)

"Although it’s early as first year parents, we are amazed at how both our children have settled so quickly. The support they obviously get from their peers and their teachers has made all the difference. It’s sounds trite, but it’s clearly just such an incredibly ‘nice’ place, meant in all the best possible ways". (Parent)

"We wait for the bus to drop her off every evening to find out what adventures she's had. She is always brimming with tales of her day".  (Parent)

"The best evidence of what Belhaven is all about is that over the years all our children could never wait to get back there after the holidays. Never a tear. Not from the children anyway". (Parent)

"The school has a family feel. The children learn best when happy and this is what the school sets out - an environment that is comforting but equally challenging and rewarding". (Parent)

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