Belhaven Hill School

Co-ed Boarding & Day School for ages 5-13

Why Belhaven?

Why Belhaven?

Be Ready

'Ready’ is an important word for us. But what do we mean?

We mean that, as our children cross the bridge into senior school, they do not find themselves in a foreign land, or on a different planet.

For sure, major senior schools north and south of the border are very different in terms of size. The 6th formers always look like giants when you’re thirteen. But there will be an inner strength in our children that helps them explore their new world with a sense of self, a sense of purpose and a sense of right and wrong.

Then, and only then, do we feel we have done our job.

Here are some of the specific reasons given by our parents for choosing Belhaven ...
  • An exceptional, all-round education.
  • All-embracing education with lots of sport and a broad extra-curricular programme.
  • Focus on the individual with small class sizes providing lots of opportunities to excel.
  • Excellent Support for Learning and the ability to bring out the best in every pupil.
  • Children do well in Common Entrance exams and are consistently strong academically.

Send many children to the best senior schools

  • Strong academic results with many children choosing to go on to the UK’s best senior schools.
  • Benefit from the Headmaster’s good relationships with the Heads of the leading English and Scottish public schools.
  • Family-focused, young and energetic Headmaster and wife with extensive experience in both prep and senior schools. 

A safe, inspiring campus

  • Beautiful parkland campus with extensive sports pitches.

  • An inspiring location next to some of East Lothian's finest coastline.
  • Easy access to the A1, East Coast rail line and Edinburgh Airport.

We love the happy and fun times our children have had here - the special friendships and the family atmosphere help make everyone feel valued and special, not to mention its idyllic location and beautiful grounds, all of which combine to give life at Belhaven a very special quality.


A child-centric ethos, developing happy, confident children

  • Friendly, family ambience ensuring happy, confident children.
  • Child-centric pastoral care within a supportive, empowering ethos.
  • Boys and girls given lots of opportunities to ‘have a go’ without the fear of failure.
  • Loyal, well-connected Old Belhavian community here and overseas.

One of Scotland’s only boarding prep schools

  • One of only two full 24/7 independent boarding prep schools in Scotland.
  • Welcomes day children from 5 years, who also benefit from the boarding provision.
  • Provides ‘wrap-around’ care for both day children and boarders.

See what our parents say about Belhaven.